Working to provide a private spa setting to cater to the needs specifically for: 

Addressing pain, emotional healing and energy blocks. 

Massage Therapy

Trained at the Southwest Institute for Healing Arts and completing an Apprenticeship on the Island of Oahu. The massage is a blend of deep tissue with relaxation techniques so you can have the best of both world within your booking    

60 min 110.00


Working as a Physical Therapy Assistant has allowed me to be hands on in the healing process post surgery.  Light range of motion exercises in combination with hot and cold therapy will bring you the best relief.  Only recommended upon doctors approval to receive a massage.

30 min 60.00


On the bottom of each persons foot is a map to every major organ in the body.   With this service you can relieve stress and tension with the correct pressure and technique. 

30 min 45.00

Thai Yoga Bodywork 

Trained  at the

One session is done on the floor fully clothed on a Thai Mat.  Please plan accordingly and wear loose fitting comfortable clothes and plan on being in session for 90 minuets to 2 hours 

90 min 160.00

2 hours 200.00

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